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23rd June 2017 - BUMP Festival, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Kortrijk, Belgium

30th June 2017 - Free Forms, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

7th July 2017 - Acid Waxa presents Your Planet Is Next, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

19th August 2017 - Greenman Festival, w/ Alex McLean, Brecon Beacons, Wales


9th June 2017 - No Bounds Festival, w/ OFFAL + Alex McLean, Sheffield

27th May 2017 - SIREN x Intervention: recursion, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Penarth Centre, London

19th May 2017 - Sheffield Algorave, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Access Space, Sheffield

13th May 2017 - Chemical Algorave, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Culture Lab, Newcastle

5th May 2017 - Sonic Cyberfeminisms, w/ OFFAL, Lincoln

28th April 2017 - Algorave Leeds, w/ ALGOBABEZ, ODI, Munro House, Leeds

22nd April 2017 - Euler Room, Access Space, Sheffield

15th April 2017 - Dismantle Yourself, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Somerset House, London

29th March 2017 - The Body in Sound, w/ Greta Eacott, Fuse Art Space, Bradford

17th March 2017 - Algorave 5th Birthday Streaming

12th Febuary 2017 - Nottingham Algorave, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Rough Trade, Nottingham

1st Febuary 2017 - Nik Colk Void and Klara Lewis, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool

17th December 2016 - Percussive Outreach Programme - Vol. 1, Kvarterhuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

9th December 2016 - tbc, w/ ALGOBABEZ, tbc

8th December 2016 - UnCommons #2, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Delius Arts and Culrtural Centre, Bradford

3rd December 2016 - Algorave Birmingham, Vivid Projects, Birmingham

20th November 2016 - Manchester Algorave #3, Texture, Manchester

19th November 2016 - Algorave Karlsruhe, w/ ALGOBABEZ, jubez, Karlsruhe, Germany

18th November 2016 - Algomech Algorave, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Millenium Galleries, Sheffield

17th November 2016 - Conditional x Algorave, Amersham Arms, London

12th November 2016 - Tantrums, Brixton East, London

11th November 2016 - Beep/bang, QMUL, London

2nd November 2016- WMT Fall Concert, w/ OFFAL, The Grange, Atlanta, USA

27th October 2016 - Elysia Crampton, Fuse, Bradford

22nd October 2016 - Bloom etc., Wharf Chambers, Leeds

19th October 2016 - MAG, Beards, w/ CABLES, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

13-15th October 2016 - International Confernece on Live Coding, Hamilton, Canada

3rd October 2016 - Electromatronic @ Sonophilia, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Lincoln

22nd September 2016 - Near - Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre #2, w/ OFFAL, Le Ch√Ęteau Des Ducs De Bretagne, Nantes, France

14th September 2016 - Troy Algorave, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Troy, New York, USA

11th September 2016 - w/ ALGOBABEZ, Babycastles, New York, USA

24th August 2016 - supporting Silver Apples, Headrow House, Leeds

19th August 2016 - The Human Condition, Patrick Studios, Leeds

22nd July 2016 - Bluedot Festival, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Jodrell Bank, Chester

14th July 2016 - Eulerroom, w/ ALGOBABEZ, Open Data Institute HQ, London

2nd July 2016 - International Conference on Live Interfaces, w/ OFFAL, University of Sussex, Sussex

25th June 2016 - tbc, w/ ALGOBABEZ, tbc, Leeds

19th June 2016 - Hub 4th Birthday Party, Music Hub, Leeds

17th June 2016 - Algorave and Friends, w/ Yaxu, Access Space, Sheffield

14th June 2016 - iscMME 2016c, w/ Sarah MC, School of Music, University of Leeds, Leeds

11th June 2016 - BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire, w/ Yaxu, BBC Radio Leeds

28th May 2016 - Live Music, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

28th May 2016 - Movement from the Mills, Delius Centre, Bradford

27th May 2016 - Threadfest, Fuse, Bradford

14th May 2016 - Dance Culture Gathering, w/ Sarah MC, Live Art Bistro, Leeds

12th May 2016 - Speeding and Braking, w/ OFFAL, Goldsmiths, London

30th April 2016 - Newcastle Algorave, Abject Gallery, Newcastle

29th April 2016 - Algorave Leeds, w/ ALGOBABEZ, ODI Leeds, Leeds

23rd April 2016 - supporting AGF Fuse, Bradford

9th April 2016 - Euler room 2, Access Space, Sheffield

18th March 2016 - Everyman Bistro, Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

12th March 2016 - Women/Music/Technologies, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

8th March 2016 - w/ OFFAL, Durham University Concert Hall and Online

5th March 2016 - Force Majeure, Golden Harvest, Sheffield

27th February 2016 - w/ OFFAL, Plateforme Intermedia, Nantes and Online

20th February 2016 - JUX, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

29th January 2016 - Golden Cabinet, Kirkgate Centre, Shipley

12th December 2015 - w/ Sarah MC, Live Art Bistro, Leeds

18th December 2015 - London Algorave, Power Lunches, London

28th November 2015, Slut Drop, CHUNK, Leeds

13th November 2015 - Postcapitalism and a World Without Work, The 1 in 12 Club, Bradford

12th November 2015 - Manchester Algorave, MCRTexture, Manchester

11th November 2015 - w/ NAH + Black Gorgon, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

8th November 2015 - Calais Fundraiser, Live Art Bistro, Leeds

25th October 2015 - Pubdrone #2, The Chemic, Leeds

2nd October 2015 - ?WHAT IS THAT?, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

18th September 2015 - ASMbly Festival, Live Art Bistro, Leeds

11th September 2015 - SECT05, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

19th July 2015 - Pubdrone #1, The Chemic, Leeds

11th July 2015 - w/ Greta, ICLC WARM UP, Access Space, Sheffield

5th June 2015 - FLO, DurhamKLANG, Durham

17th May 2015 - Sheffield Algorave, Access Space, Sheffield

8th May 2015 - Centre Stage, White Cloth Gallery, Leeds

14th March 2015, Algorave, The Old Police House, Gateshead

4th December 2014 - weft, Fulford Arms, York

12th July 2014 - labial_sync, AGPC, Armley Liberal Bowling Club, Leeds

7th July 2014 - LAB_ONE, Leeds Algorave, Enjoy Art Space, Leeds